Fluid Art in a Nutshell:
Due to the nature of fluid art no two pieces are alike. One can make very similar pieces, but each one is unique onto itself.

Interested in my Work?
Here you will find a collection of my art pieces on sale and random items I may have purchased and either do not fit or no longer want.
I like using scrap materials for some of my pieces for example old floor boards or cork pan holders. The edges of these items do not always come out straight due to space issues and equipment.
Some of my earlier pieces also have some frame shape discrepancies due to being purchased from Action or Big Bazaar. There should be a warning of such things on a product and a price discount.
Due to the sizes of some pieces the shipping may be quite large. I can not change the price of shipping since it is decided by the postal companies.

Any Questions?
Feel free to check out our Q&A section!

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