Other Shops

Here is where I keep a list of sites I use the Conspurgatory name on. There are also a few other sites too but for the most part everything under here is Conspurgatory. Enjoy!


Petz 5 Conspurgatory -This is a Petz 5 fan-site previously known as Derivative Kennelz. No longer own this domain-No idea if it will come back.

Online Shops:

Society6 Conspurgatory

REDBUBBLE Conspurgatory

Conspurgatory Arts (link to come)

** I had 3 Zazzle stores. I have decided to shut these down for the time being. I still hold the account and my name on there but all my products are hidden. There was just no traffic and the commission payouts were lets face it not so fair to a smaller artist like me. Also the prices of their products is quite high. **