Almost done with the flat!

Hey Peeps!

I know right, seems like I’ve been working on the flat forever! Well around 2 weeks. Yesterday we finished renovating the last room and we ended up moving in our fridge and the majority of the livingroom. It still needs the rug thats stored under the bed here and the TV and cable box and sound system, but it will get done this week. Mainly I’m going to get some window decor for privacy today, and slowly over the week after man gets off work we will be moving our stuff. There are a few door frame issues I need to fix with paint like un even lines and such, but I’ll do that as a side project after moving in.

On another note: It’s going to be freaking HOT in the Netherlands this next week. Totally like make people drop dead of heat stroke hot. I didn’t like heat in Florida and yesterday was waaaaaaaaaaay too close to that tropical climate. ๐Ÿ˜› Funny how the weekend will come around and the heat will be more managable again. Everyone who works outside or with no AC should take care and stay hydrated.

Streaming will probably return by next week.

Hope everything is going well for everyone!

See ya Peeps!


PS: Here’s some pics of the flat.

Flats are fun!

Hello Peeps!

So if you follow me you should know I am in the process of moving to a new house. I seriously thought we’d be moved by now, but the place was a total shit hole. Seriously, the previous tenant smoked the already beige walls yellow along with the ceiling. Seriously never once picked up a rag to wash the windows it seemed like, and not to mention the fly problem. Turns out the pipes from the toilet are broken! Seriously leaking all the fuck over under our flat. @.@; Holy damn. We thought it was the trees producing the swarms of bug, and well it could be, but the cestpool down below isn’t helping at all.

Long story short we’ve been painting off and on for the past two weeks, putting up lamps, and working on our floors. I’ll toss in some pictures below. Hopefully we will be moving our shit in by Saturday and I can begin streaming again in a week or two not to mention making picture sets and videos. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well in life and such.

See ya Peeps!

PS: My lamps are fucking amazing! Thanks Praxis and Ikea for great prices.

A Stream Update

Hey Peeps!

So here’s a little life update, or well a big one. A couple things will be happening over the next few weeks.

First here’s some good news: My man and I recieved the keys to our first flat! Holy damn finally. ๐Ÿ˜› . We have’nt moved in yet due to their being no floors and the whole thing needed a serious repaint. I mean the amount of soot from smoking and not being cleaned for years made the once white walls a serious yellow. It was only dramatized by the new paint the gemeente (municipality) put on the ceiling. We’re going for a white, black, and blue type modern theme. Of course it will take a while for everything to be perfect considering we have an old used tan couch, but it will get there eventually. We did luckout in Praxis (like Lowes or Home Depot) due to their little sales table in the paint chips department. Haha. There were some returned or sale model lamps under the table marked 50% off each! Seriously good for our budget. Now if only paint of a good quality were more affordable. Tehe.

Secondly, with the renovation of the new flat my streaming during the week will be for a few weeks very messed up. If I do stream I will tweet out that I am online, but that will probably be few and far between until we are in the new place and settled. If you have questions or what ever tweet at me or leave a comment here and i’ll probably respond within a few days.

Third, Leen Bakker (-home decore stuff) ย has some good sales. We found me a new computer chair again 50% off. Sweet! I hope it lasts a few years.

Lastly with the luck of getting a flat and such – pictures will be returning to a certian site very soon! Probably in the next two weeks. We are getting our floors Saturday which means furniture moved in once those are done, so probably next week some time. We need to finish painting before the end of day friday in order to get the floors laid and not have to worry about getting paint on them.

Hope all is going well for you peeps! I’m off to study some dutch language. ๐Ÿ˜€ Iย have 3 years to learn the language fluently or get kicked out by the IND. ๐Ÿ˜›

See ya Peeps!



Hey Peeps!

If you are looking for 18+ content I should be making more in the next few weeks. I had a backlog of materiel that’s been uploaded over the past month which has been tiding me over for my move. I was supposed to be in another house with my man by now, but unforseeable delays have been going on there, and where I am now is probably not the best place to be making said pictures due to somewhat lack of privacy and such. When I do come out with new things they will automatically spawn the usual upload post over on twitter, @Esadora404, so be on a look out over there! I also had my man fix the image that was posted with a set that was set for preuploading and never spawned a preview image.

On another note, I have been streaming for the past few weeks. I get some viewers on League of Legends content, but I have been playing The Sims recently, and there are more people watching there. I find it a little funny, but that still cool. I also have been streaming World of Warcraft the past few days with very few viewers. I don’t mind honestly the content is of Dreanor at the moment, so it’s like been there done that, but I have two expansions of content to catch up on for around 11+ poppetjes* (characters/dolls). ๐Ÿ˜› Crazy. Just follow the link on my webpage for my profile. I enjoy streaming greatly, and hope to catch some of you lurkers around!

Lastly, I am studying the dutch language! I honestly am not that fluent, but living in a dutch speaking household withย Rosetta Stone course study it’s getting better and better each day. Total emersion into the language does help when you can hear it constantly. I admit I saw someone leave a dutch comment on one of my posts and I did have to google translate. ๐Ÿ˜› No biggie! I did understand some of it. I’ll do my best on getting better. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope everyone has a great day,

See-ya peeps!

Hello World!

Sup Peeps!

So if you haven’t noticed lately. I’ve begun to stream. Yes! Stream! Online with Twitch, Beam, Parascope, and some other stuff. It’s been fun sofar, and I hope to continue in the future. Mostly I will be streaming League of Legends I believe.

I have started to mess around with The Sims as well. Particularly Sims4, however I am tempted to go back to Sims3 or even Sims2 due to their mod packs and play style. I love the creativity on building the sim in 4, but there’s just something lacking in it compaired to 3 and that’s the ability to customize your furnature colors and patterns. Seriously. Can we not just have a game with both? To be honest at this point in casual gaming the PC required to have that ability would need to be a monster. It will probably happen eventually. I hope it will anyway!

I am all settled into where I’m living for now, so that’s a win! I will be moving again (hopefully -.-; ) if the tennent would ever leave the place we’re moving. Either way, I will keep streaming probably only being intrupted 2 or 3 days during that process. Then again I have kinda avoided streaming on weekends which will change at some point, but yeah for now it’s pretty 50/50 on if I will appear or not on Saturday or Sunday.

Hope life goes well for everyone!

See-ya Peeps!

Streaming with Twitch

I have just undergone a huge move to another country for good. Due to some un-expected things I have not had any downtime for days now. I will be taking a few more to get settled in and such so I will be jumping on Twitch next week at the latest. I willl be there and I will make a post with Twitter when I am signing on! Hope everyones been good.

See-ya Peeps!

PS: Happy Freedom Day!

I’m still alive!

Hey peeps!

I know I know twitter was supposed to be a 48 hours off thing, but I’ve made it into a month long thing. I will be using twitter again mainly as a promotional thing for when I begin to stream in the next 2 weeks. That’s right! Any time after May 2, 2017 I will begin streaming thorugh

Not much has been going on with me other then packing and unpackaing and repacking. I’m clearly insane, or am I very clever? Either way. Hopefully my bags do not cap out over 75lbs. I would really hate to have to pay the extra weight baggage fee.

My photography will pick back up again in a few weeks as well as my artworks workings things. My laptop seriously can not handle anything what so ever other then some light surfing and skype. Just those two things makes the memory go up to 100% use like 99% of the time. Crazy.

We all know my hair color is fake right? Well I’ve dyed it again. It’s supposed to be a purpley i suppose brownish. It seems to be more red on my roots, but considering my hair used to be dyed black as black can be and faded to a dark brown theres bound to be a high contrast between the virgin hair and the dyed portion. If it’s a total failure I will so go back to black hair. If you say “No, your hair is black from the picture!” Well it was in that pic, black, yes, not anymore. ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, thanks for hanging around peeps!

See ya!

Lack of Twitter happenings?

Hey peeps!

If you think I’ve been inactive in twitter it’s because I have. I’m taking a 48 hour -no twitter- twitter break to organize my feelings about it. The shop will keep running and being updated weekly reguardless of if I keep up making personal twitter posts. You will still get those posts of when a new set goes up.

Mainly I am a very shy person, and I have a hard time communicating with sooo many people. Don’t get me wrong I really like the attention, which is why I have twitter in the first place. I just may go back to closed PM’s or may pull away from twitter entirely for a while.

Another reason is I feel like I really have nothing to say and find the news articles and league updates far more intersting to retweet then coming up with any speech. I do really enjoy taking pictures of the many cats and dogs and of myself which I still do without uploading to twitter.

Really I don’t expect anyone to even look over here at the blog. I mean the site gets like zero traffic at the moment but here it is. If you found this post, Yay!, if not then i guess you will always wonder. ;P

See ya Peeps!