New Shop and Things.

Hey peeps!

I have been working on some arty things off and on. I really would like to get them sold so I can make more space to make more new things. Of course I need time to do that as well, but that’s something I can deal with later. They will appear in the online shop at some point. Feel free to follow my art instagram @ConspurgatoryArts.

On another note I am almost ready to take some of my Inburgerings exams. More specifically KNM, Lezen, and Luisteren (Dutch culture and politics, Reading, and Listening).

Hope everyone had a good holiday season for what ever you celebrate. Man and I had an eventful end to our Holiday. We have a new cat! He’s not really truly new. He’s 10 years old and was originally in our family group. I won’t go into who. They know who they are. Long story short he was left without food and being fed by a neighbor all because he would not go into the hall where they wanted to feed him. Oh god that pissed me off so much. Ugh. I’ve ranted about it enough (off screen).

Anyway we are getting him over a 2 year lung infection and resting his paw he got shut in the neighbors door. This neighbor was feeding him when he realized our family was not. So as of old years day we’ve had another cat. Next plan is to get him neutered so he gets lazier and wants to stay home more. Not sure yet when that’s going to happen but when he’s breathing better for sure.

His name is Lucky. He’s scary to our girls, but everyone is slowly (very slowly) adjusting. Bowie and a random neighbor cat we call Taf (Taffy) sleep in on the bed in our bedroom. Vronie alternates between a shelf and on top of the fridge or in the sink. Lucky sleeps on the couch or under the coffee table. He also pees in the smallest litter box we have and refuses to use the bigger one because i’m assuming the height is too tall for him to comfortably use it with his injured ankle. So that’s fun.

Eventful start to a new year that’s for sure. Hopefully stuff continues on a good trajectory.

Art Theft II

Hey peeps!

Yesterday I made a post about an Amazon seller using one of my art pieces for their own gain. We have resolved this issue. However there are other pieces off Society6 the store is selling knock offs of. I hope the creators are active in looking for fakes and notices sometime soon.

Anyway, I’m greatly suprised and greatful it took so little time to resolve my issue.



Art Theft

Hey Peeps!

Long time since I did one of these posts. Yes I am still alive. I have been working on art mostly and being lazy.

Anyway lets get to the point of this post:

Art Theft

I was searching Conspurgatory on Google today and realized Society6 (the real one) is in a partnership with Amazon on selling some of their products.

This I am fine with. What I am not fine with is the (I’m assuming) Chinese retailer selling one of my designs as a cheap rip-off. I get no commission for that. They stole that and I’m pretty sure if someone did order that, and since they do not have the proper image I uploaded, the buyer would be getting a really shitty looking design.

While I am somewhat flattered my art got stolen (like some sort of initiation into being a “real artist”) I am mostly disgusted. I have contacted both the Amazon seller and Society6 on this subject. I shall wait the reccomended two days Amazon wants before I continue my hunt to remove this product from the site.

Β Insert big sigh here.

I make art because I love it. I also love feeding my cats and myself and my man. That requires money. If my only source of income is being stolen I will pitch a fit.

Thanks for viewing,


So here’s the thing. If you find me on facebook I can guarentee you 100% it’s not me. Anymore at least.


My man is the moderator for my page and everything like for my sites and shizzle. This includes facebook. Well there are so many me-s on FB thatΒ  FB seems to ban every single one! Which you would thing would be a good thing. Point is my legit account got banned. They will not unban it. Well that’s not true. They did unban it for all of maybe 6 hours one day. xD Srsly?!

Also. There’s this other chick who legit stole my identity on FB. She started reporting my pictures as stolen and granted she may look a little like me but like come on. I have my belly scar and knee scar and defunkt uneven knobby knees. How the heck can anyone mistake me for someone else body wise other then from a distance and well probably not looking at my entire content of work.

I don’t remeber who the chick is, but yeah.

Point is:

If you find me on Facebook –

Check here for a Facebook link –

I currently have NO Facebook!

Every me you find on Facebook is soOo not me.

Thanks peeps!

Hiya Peeps!

–Note: As of Aug 12, 2017- The pictures were made. I just need to get man to upload them, which mainly required me to remember to remind him. I apologize for the delay.–

So the 18+ site has taken a bit of a back burner, but I do plan on making pictures for that sometime this week! I am charging my camera as I type, so yuh. Hopefully this weekend you peeps will get another set.

On another note I have been playing WoW waaaaay too much, but it’s just so fun :< I will probably continue playing this as my main game, and branch out to League of Legends or The Sims 3 and 4 on occasion. I’d like to do a 6 hour stream one of these weekends if man doesn’t need his PC. ;D We share his PC so I can stream since mine is not rightly spec’ed at the moment as it would die in a firey kaboom if I even tried.

Cat News: Veronica is healthy and eatting though she still is a little on the drink as little as possible side. Pretty sure that has to do with our bowls though. Need to get some dog bowls with a design or something in the center bottom. They seemed to like water more out of Mem’s dogs bowl when we were watching one of her dogs. Bowie’s still good and mellow, but she’s come out of her shell a lot the past few weeks. Mainly it’s her waking us up at 6am on the dot and getting Veroni to play with her across the bed jumping from one ass to the other. Not sure what it is, but they spring board on and off my ass like a trampolen. Crazy cats. Bowie also has this chirp for a meow. It’s so damn cute. Veroni is just a bit destructive in the sense she does not pay attention to what is around her. She’s fallen off her cat tree and broken a ceremic candle stick as well as knocked two plants off the window which caused one pot to get a V knocked out of it. She’s also knocked off a little metal hurricane candle holder from the window and the glass from that shattered. :< Manman was not happy about any of that, and neither was I, but tbf I think the candle stick was just an accident. I switched up the piller toppers on their cat tree and no ones been rolling off onto the TV table since. Well other then the time it twisted back to not having the lip guarding the tv adn veronie almost fell all the way off again. Clumsy cat.


Thanks for reading Peeps!

-See ya


PS: Some Kitten Pictures:


Guess what’s coming back!

Hey Peeps!

I know it’s been like 2 months since I uploaded anything to a certian 18+ website πŸ˜‰ and I know it can be annoying to wait. Some good news is coming. I took a set today, and they should be online this weekend if I’m going to follow the previous format which makes the most sense. Keep an eye on Twitter for news about that!

In other news, my streaming software is still not installed yet. Hopefully I’ll get my man to install it tonight or tomorrow or the next day. I will also make a post on Twitter as usual when I begin to stream, so if you see it come on over to my and hopefully be entertained!

If you don’t care to hear about cats you can stop reading now. I won’t think anything less of you. πŸ˜›

So we are down to two kittens out of the three. No, nothing bad happened to the third. She just did not get along with the other two at all. She adored my man, hated me, picked on the other two, and pee’d and poo’d all~ over the flat. So much so that she trained one of the others to also not go in the litterbox. We’re still working on that re-training. She’s doing well though as long as she doesn’t have access to the front door floor mat that drains below the flat. I’m pretty sure she still sneeks a pee on that mat every few nights or so. @@ Ah well we will get a second box at some point and that should help. I feel guilty having decided to give the third kitten away and I hope she’s doing better in her new home. She would probably still be here had she not refused to be litter trained.

I also have to clean the litterbox after every time either Bowie or Veronica use it. Normally you can clean a box once maybe twice a day. These two about a week in got the runs so bad it was clean the box or live in shit smell. Not to mention Sunday we had a major scare when Vronie began to vomit as well as have the wet shits. In one of the piles she puked up I found a small copper wire from the internet cable. So later that night around 4 or 5 she got really unnaturally sedate. This kitten literally climbs walls and runs circles around the sofa. She looked like at one point over the next few hours she was going to die so we ended up rushing her to the vet at 7:45-ish PM. Turns out she has a small infection in her intestines to which we were perscribed medication and liquid that helps solidify her poo. She’s doing much better now and highly back to her old self. She has 2.5 days left of her meds at this point. Woo!

Thanks for reading peeps!


Stream Delay

Hey Peeps!

So we had to reinstall one of the computers, and most my streaming software happened to be on there. Ick. We will be installing the things I need this weekend, so next week I should be streaming again.

I’ll probably start with World of Warcraft, and move onto The Sims 3 or 4, and then onto League of Legends to finish my placements. Yeah I still haven’t finished those. I actually havent leagued in like a little over a month. I’ll get back into it later.

This was just a quick update.

Thanks for sticking around Peeps!

See ya!

I am moved in!

Hey Peeps!

As I type this there is the patter of little paws tearing through my flat. Yup, paws! 12 of them to be exact. Haha. Only 3 kittens. Yup you read that right. We crazy people collected 3 kittens this Sunday. All girls, Veronica (Veronni [Ver-ron-E), Sheba, and Bowie. It’ll probably be a few years before I consider getting another dog. Ella is happy living with my mother in the states and due to her age we all think it’s best if she live out the rest of her days on a farm with mild winters compared to the Netherlands with the super cold days. She would love it to be honest, but she’s got arthritus in her hips, and I want her to last a few more years then if she would move here.

Anyway, moving on from pet business.

I am moved into my flat with my man! We still have some wall decorating and touch up painting to do, but that’ll get done later. We have our furnature and such so we’re happy. This means pictures will probably be taken in a week or so. I’ll get back into the groove of that again. As far as streaming goes I may pop on Tuesday the 27th of June 2017. Yup, that’s tomorrow for those of you who see this today, or any other day. If not I’ll be on probably by next week or even later this week. We are working on getting a green screen for my station, but that will probably take a while seeing how we need to probably order from Aliexpress. πŸ˜› So for some time I may have a big ass window behind me on stream. Hopefully that won’t cause issues for the video. Honestly the PC’s are over here in the shade so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Hope all is going well peeps!

See ya!