About the Gamer

Esadora404 – We’re all familiar with error:404 right? 😛

The Cliff-notes Version:
Gamer, pet enthusiest, shy, some-what mental – depending on who you ask, spazzy, loving, music lover, chair dancer, fan fiction reader and writer, amateur novellist, commited to a wonderful Man since 2008, lover of all animals.

The Extended Version:
Esadora is a fictional name I use across many games and profiles. I am not a very social person, and I find animals to be better companions then most people. I happen to be in my late-20’s (if 27 is considered late…) and happy with my age.
I am a spring babe born under a birthing moon with a sun sign of Pisces and a moon sign of Cancer. My blood type is AB, though weather that is +/- I am not sure, but I plan to check that next time I get my blood drawn for any reason.
My art style ranges from abstract to photography to digital geometric styled images. I do have a tendency to recolor my work sometime from 1 to upwards of 30 recolors. This makes it tricky uploading my works to sites like Society 6 and Zazzle. I will upload everything here, and if the image is forsale on another site I will link directly to the specific art or collection. Adobe Photoshop, Illustraitor, and Gimp are programs I use heavily.

The Games:
League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Cloud 9, Minecraft, Path of Exile, The Sims, Hearthstone, Perfect World, Petz 5.

League of Legends Esadora, ——-
World of Warcraft Server: —— —-
Esadora – 110 Blood Elf Hunter
Sondae – 92 Tauren Druid
Inarisama – 102 Blood Elf Warlock
Pandorasis – 90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Shiotta – 100 Blood Elf Demon Hunter
Harmonyplush – 90 Pandaren Monk
Orchideeroze – 90 Pandaren Shaman
Dyellen – 90 Blood Elf Preist
Unbria – 90 Undead Rogue
Emilyalune – 62 Blood Elf Mage
Caudalflank – 45 Tauren Paladin
Diannalynn – 46 Worgen Hunter

Server: —- —–
Vanorasis – 55 Worgen Death Knight
Lakotarain – 21 Worgen Druid
Essmee – 13 Drenai Shaman
Reneesmee – 12 Worgen Rogue
Esmeadora – 11 Drenai Hunter
Istsa – 9 Pandaren Preist
Essmae – 4 Human Paladin
Searoll – 1 Pandaren Monk
Inariokami – 1 Worgen Warlock
Osameru – 1 Gnome Warrior
Majutsushi – 1 Night Elf Mage
________ – __ Night Elf Demon Hunter

Server: ——– —–
Sondai -Druid
Mondae – Mage
Tuesdae – Priest
Wednesdae – Warlock
Thursdae – Warrior
Fridae – Hunter
Saturdae – Paladin
Desimber – Death Knight
Confounded – Rogue

Cloud 9 —-
Minecraft Unbria
Path of Exile Mizunosei
Perfect World —-

‘ —– ‘: Names or other information I do not want to disclose at this time.