New Shop and Things.

Hey peeps!

I have been working on some arty things off and on. I really would like to get them sold so I can make more space to make more new things. Of course I need time to do that as well, but that’s something I can deal with later. They will appear in the online shop at some point. Feel free to follow my art instagram @ConspurgatoryArts.

On another note I am almost ready to take some of my Inburgerings exams. More specifically KNM, Lezen, and Luisteren (Dutch culture and politics, Reading, and Listening).

Hope everyone had a good holiday season for what ever you celebrate. Man and I had an eventful end to our Holiday. We have a new cat! He’s not really truly new. He’s 10 years old and was originally in our family group. I won’t go into who. They know who they are. Long story short he was left without food and being fed by a neighbor all because he would not go into the hall where they wanted to feed him. Oh god that pissed me off so much. Ugh. I’ve ranted about it enough (off screen).

Anyway we are getting him over a 2 year lung infection and resting his paw he got shut in the neighbors door. This neighbor was feeding him when he realized our family was not. So as of old years day we’ve had another cat. Next plan is to get him neutered so he gets lazier and wants to stay home more. Not sure yet when that’s going to happen but when he’s breathing better for sure.

His name is Lucky. He’s scary to our girls, but everyone is slowly (very slowly) adjusting. Bowie and a random neighbor cat we call Taf (Taffy) sleep in on the bed in our bedroom. Vronie alternates between a shelf and on top of the fridge or in the sink. Lucky sleeps on the couch or under the coffee table. He also pees in the smallest litter box we have and refuses to use the bigger one because i’m assuming the height is too tall for him to comfortably use it with his injured ankle. So that’s fun.

Eventful start to a new year that’s for sure. Hopefully stuff continues on a good trajectory.