Art Theft

Art Theft

Hey Peeps!

Long time since I did one of these posts. Yes I am still alive. I have been working on art mostly and being lazy.

Anyway lets get to the point of this post:

Art Theft

I was searching Conspurgatory on Google today and realized Society6 (the real one) is in a partnership with Amazon on selling some of their products.

This I am fine with. What I am not fine with is the (I’m assuming) Chinese retailer selling one of my designs as a cheap rip-off. I get no commission for that. They stole that and I’m pretty sure if someone did order that, and since they do not have the proper image I uploaded, the buyer would be getting a really shitty looking design.

While I am somewhat flattered my art got stolen (like some sort of initiation into being a “real artist”) I am mostly disgusted. I have contacted both the Amazon seller and Society6 on this subject. I shall wait the reccomended two days Amazon wants before I continue my hunt to remove this product from the site.

 Insert big sigh here.

I make art because I love it. I also love feeding my cats and myself and my man. That requires money. If my only source of income is being stolen I will pitch a fit.

Thanks for viewing,