So here’s the thing. If you find me on facebook I can guarentee you 100% it’s not me. Anymore at least.


My man is the moderator for my page and everything like for my sites and shizzle. This includes facebook. Well there are so many me-s on FB that  FB seems to ban every single one! Which you would thing would be a good thing. Point is my legit account got banned. They will not unban it. Well that’s not true. They did unban it for all of maybe 6 hours one day. xD Srsly?!

Also. There’s this other chick who legit stole my identity on FB. She started reporting my pictures as stolen and granted she may look a little like me but like come on. I have my belly scar and knee scar and defunkt uneven knobby knees. How the heck can anyone mistake me for someone else body wise other then from a distance and well probably not looking at my entire content of work.

I don’t remeber who the chick is, but yeah.

Point is:

If you find me on Facebook –

Check here for a Facebook link –

I currently have NO Facebook!

Every me you find on Facebook is soOo not me.

Thanks peeps!