Hiya Peeps!

Hiya Peeps!

–Note: As of Aug 12, 2017- The pictures were made. I just need to get man to upload them, which mainly required me to remember to remind him. I apologize for the delay.–

So the 18+ site has taken a bit of a back burner, but I do plan on making pictures for that sometime this week! I am charging my camera as I type, so yuh. Hopefully this weekend you peeps will get another set.

On another note I have been playing WoW waaaaay too much, but it’s just so fun :< I will probably continue playing this as my main game, and branch out to League of Legends or The Sims 3 and 4 on occasion. I’d like to do a 6 hour stream one of these weekends if man doesn’t need his PC. ;D We share his PC so I can stream since mine is not rightly spec’ed at the moment as it would die in a firey kaboom if I even tried.

Cat News: Veronica is healthy and eatting though she still is a little on the drink as little as possible side. Pretty sure that has to do with our bowls though. Need to get some dog bowls with a design or something in the center bottom. They seemed to like water more out of Mem’s dogs bowl when we were watching one of her dogs. Bowie’s still good and mellow, but she’s come out of her shell a lot the past few weeks. Mainly it’s her waking us up at 6am on the dot and getting Veroni to play with her across the bed jumping from one ass to the other. Not sure what it is, but they spring board on and off my ass like a trampolen. Crazy cats. Bowie also has this chirp for a meow. It’s so damn cute. Veroni is just a bit destructive in the sense she does not pay attention to what is around her. She’s fallen off her cat tree and broken a ceremic candle stick as well as knocked two plants off the window which caused one pot to get a V knocked out of it. She’s also knocked off a little metal hurricane candle holder from the window and the glass from that shattered. :< Manman was not happy about any of that, and neither was I, but tbf I think the candle stick was just an accident. I switched up the piller toppers on their cat tree and no ones been rolling off onto the TV table since. Well other then the time it twisted back to not having the lip guarding the tv adn veronie almost fell all the way off again. Clumsy cat.


Thanks for reading Peeps!

-See ya


PS: Some Kitten Pictures: