Guess what’s coming back!

Guess what’s coming back!

Hey Peeps!

I know it’s been like 2 months since I uploaded anything to a certian 18+ website šŸ˜‰ and I know it can be annoying to wait. Some good news is coming. I took a set today, and they should be online this weekend if I’m going to follow the previous format which makes the most sense. Keep an eye on Twitter for news about that!

In other news, my streaming software is still not installed yet. Hopefully I’ll get my man to install it tonight or tomorrow or the next day. I will also make a post on Twitter as usual when I begin to stream, so if you see it come on over to my and hopefully be entertained!

If you don’t care to hear about cats you can stop reading now. I won’t think anything less of you. šŸ˜›

So we are down to two kittens out of the three. No, nothing bad happened to the third. She just did not get along with the other two at all. She adored my man, hated me, picked on the other two, and pee’d and poo’d all~ over the flat. So much so that she trained one of the others to also not go in the litterbox. We’re still working on that re-training. She’s doing well though as long as she doesn’t have access to the front door floor mat that drains below the flat. I’m pretty sure she still sneeks a pee on that mat every few nights or so. @@ Ah well we will get a second box at some point and that should help. I feel guilty having decided to give the third kitten away and I hope she’s doing better in her new home. She would probably still be here had she not refused to be litter trained.

I also have to clean the litterbox after every time either Bowie or Veronica use it. Normally you can clean a box once maybe twice a day. These two about a week in got the runs so bad it was clean the box or live in shit smell. Not to mention Sunday we had a major scare when Vronie began to vomit as well as have the wet shits. In one of the piles she puked up I found a small copper wire from the internet cable. So later that night around 4 or 5 she got really unnaturally sedate. This kitten literally climbs walls and runs circles around the sofa. She looked like at one point over the next few hours she was going to die so we ended up rushing her to the vet at 7:45-ish PM. Turns out she has a small infection in her intestines to which we were perscribed medication and liquid that helps solidify her poo. She’s doing much better now and highly back to her old self. She has 2.5 days left of her meds at this point. Woo!

Thanks for reading peeps!