I am moved in!

I am moved in!

Hey Peeps!

As I type this there is the patter of little paws tearing through my flat. Yup, paws! 12 of them to be exact. Haha. Only 3 kittens. Yup you read that right. We crazy people collected 3 kittens this Sunday. All girls, Veronica (Veronni [Ver-ron-E), Sheba, and Bowie. It’ll probably be a few years before I consider getting another dog. Ella is happy living with my mother in the states and due to her age we all think it’s best if she live out the rest of her days on a farm with mild winters compared to the Netherlands with the super cold days. She would love it to be honest, but she’s got arthritus in her hips, and I want her to last a few more years then if she would move here.

Anyway, moving on from pet business.

I am moved into my flat with my man! We still have some wall decorating and touch up painting to do, but that’ll get done later. We have our furnature and such so we’re happy. This means pictures will probably be taken in a week or so. I’ll get back into the groove of that again. As far as streaming goes I may pop on Tuesday the 27th of June 2017. Yup, that’s tomorrow for those of you who see this today, or any other day. If not I’ll be on probably by next week or even later this week. We are working on getting a green screen for my station, but that will probably take a while seeing how we need to probably order from Aliexpress. 😛 So for some time I may have a big ass window behind me on stream. Hopefully that won’t cause issues for the video. Honestly the PC’s are over here in the shade so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Hope all is going well peeps!

See ya!