Almost done with the flat!

Almost done with the flat!

Hey Peeps!

I know right, seems like I’ve been working on the flat forever! Well around 2 weeks. Yesterday we finished renovating the last room and we ended up moving in our fridge and the majority of the livingroom. It still needs the rug thats stored under the bed here and the TV and cable box and sound system, but it will get done this week. Mainly I’m going to get some window decor for privacy today, and slowly over the week after man gets off work we will be moving our stuff. There are a few door frame issues I need to fix with paint like un even lines and such, but I’ll do that as a side project after moving in.

On another note: It’s going to be freaking HOT in the Netherlands this next week. Totally like make people drop dead of heat stroke hot. I didn’t like heat in Florida and yesterday was waaaaaaaaaaay too close to that tropical climate. 😛 Funny how the weekend will come around and the heat will be more managable again. Everyone who works outside or with no AC should take care and stay hydrated.

Streaming will probably return by next week.

Hope everything is going well for everyone!

See ya Peeps!


PS: Here’s some pics of the flat.