Flats are fun!

Flats are fun!

Hello Peeps!

So if you follow me you should know I am in the process of moving to a new house. I seriously thought we’d be moved by now, but the place was a total shit hole. Seriously, the previous tenant smoked the already beige walls yellow along with the ceiling. Seriously never once picked up a rag to wash the windows it seemed like, and not to mention the fly problem. Turns out the pipes from the toilet are broken! Seriously leaking all the fuck over under our flat. @.@; Holy damn. We thought it was the trees producing the swarms of bug, and well it could be, but the cestpool down below isn’t helping at all.

Long story short we’ve been painting off and on for the past two weeks, putting up lamps, and working on our floors. I’ll toss in some pictures below. Hopefully we will be moving our shit in by Saturday and I can begin streaming again in a week or two not to mention making picture sets and videos. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well in life and such.

See ya Peeps!

PS: My lamps are fucking amazing! Thanks Praxis and Ikea for great prices.