A Stream Update

A Stream Update

Hey Peeps!

So here’s a little life update, or well a big one. A couple things will be happening over the next few weeks.

First here’s some good news: My man and I recieved the keys to our first flat! Holy damn finally. 😛 . We have’nt moved in yet due to their being no floors and the whole thing needed a serious repaint. I mean the amount of soot from smoking and not being cleaned for years made the once white walls a serious yellow. It was only dramatized by the new paint the gemeente (municipality) put on the ceiling. We’re going for a white, black, and blue type modern theme. Of course it will take a while for everything to be perfect considering we have an old used tan couch, but it will get there eventually. We did luckout in Praxis (like Lowes or Home Depot) due to their little sales table in the paint chips department. Haha. There were some returned or sale model lamps under the table marked 50% off each! Seriously good for our budget. Now if only paint of a good quality were more affordable. Tehe.

Secondly, with the renovation of the new flat my streaming during the week will be for a few weeks very messed up. If I do stream I will tweet out that I am online, but that will probably be few and far between until we are in the new place and settled. If you have questions or what ever tweet at me or leave a comment here and i’ll probably respond within a few days.

Third, Leen Bakker (-home decore stuff)  has some good sales. We found me a new computer chair again 50% off. Sweet! I hope it lasts a few years.

Lastly with the luck of getting a flat and such – pictures will be returning to a certian site very soon! Probably in the next two weeks. We are getting our floors Saturday which means furniture moved in once those are done, so probably next week some time. We need to finish painting before the end of day friday in order to get the floors laid and not have to worry about getting paint on them.

Hope all is going well for you peeps! I’m off to study some dutch language. 😀 I have 3 years to learn the language fluently or get kicked out by the IND. 😛

See ya Peeps!