Hello World!

Sup Peeps!

So if you haven’t noticed lately. I’ve begun to stream. Yes! Stream! Online with Twitch, Beam, Parascope, and some other stuff. It’s been fun sofar, and I hope to continue in the future. Mostly I will be streaming League of Legends I believe.

I have started to mess around with The Sims as well. Particularly Sims4, however I am tempted to go back to Sims3 or even Sims2 due to their mod packs and play style. I love the creativity on building the sim in 4, but there’s just something lacking in it compaired to 3 and that’s the ability to customize your furnature colors and patterns. Seriously. Can we not just have a game with both? To be honest at this point in casual gaming the PC required to have that ability would need to be a monster. It will probably happen eventually. I hope it will anyway!

I am all settled into where I’m living for now, so that’s a win! I will be moving again (hopefully -.-; ) if the tennent would ever leave the place we’re moving. Either way, I will keep streaming probably only being intrupted 2 or 3 days during that process. Then again I have kinda avoided streaming on weekends which will change at some point, but yeah for now it’s pretty 50/50 on if I will appear or not on Saturday or Sunday.

Hope life goes well for everyone!

See-ya Peeps!