I’m still alive!

I’m still alive!

Hey peeps!

I know I know twitter was supposed to be a 48 hours off thing, but I’ve made it into a month long thing. I will be using twitter again mainly as a promotional thing for when I begin to stream in the next 2 weeks. That’s right! Any time after May 2, 2017 I will begin streaming thorugh Twitch.tv/esadora

Not much has been going on with me other then packing and unpackaing and repacking. I’m clearly insane, or am I very clever? Either way. Hopefully my bags do not cap out over 75lbs. I would really hate to have to pay the extra weight baggage fee.

My photography will pick back up again in a few weeks as well as my artworks workings things. My laptop seriously can not handle anything what so ever other then some light surfing and skype. Just those two things makes the memory go up to 100% use like 99% of the time. Crazy.

We all know my hair color is fake right? Well I’ve dyed it again. It’s supposed to be a purpley i suppose brownish. It seems to be more red on my roots, but considering my hair used to be dyed black as black can be and faded to a dark brown theres bound to be a high contrast between the virgin hair and the dyed portion. If it’s a total failure I will so go back to black hair. If you say “No, your hair is black from the picture!” Well it was in that pic, black, yes, not anymore. 😛

Anyway, thanks for hanging around peeps!

See ya!