Lack of Twitter happenings?

Lack of Twitter happenings?

Hey peeps!

If you think I’ve been inactive in twitter it’s because I have. I’m taking a 48 hour -no twitter- twitter break to organize my feelings about it. The shop will keep running and being updated weekly reguardless of if I keep up making personal twitter posts. You will still get those posts of when a new set goes up.

Mainly I am a very shy person, and I have a hard time communicating with sooo many people. Don’t get me wrong I really like the attention, which is why I have twitter in the first place. I just may go back to closed PM’s or may pull away from twitter entirely for a while.

Another reason is I feel like I really have nothing to say and find the news articles and league updates far more intersting to retweet then coming up with any speech. I do really enjoy taking pictures of the many cats and dogs and of myself which I still do without uploading to twitter.

Really I don’t expect anyone to even look over here at the blog. I mean the site gets like zero traffic at the moment but here it is. If you found this post, Yay!, if not then i guess you will always wonder. ;P

See ya Peeps!